1.Product Unavailability:

www.tipsytopsybakers.in always tries to deliver the exact product ordered by the customer. If a product is unavailable, a similar product nearest to the description of that ordered, will be delivered. If a product is unavailable readily, the customer will be informed about this through e-mail/phone. If there is no response from the customer (query designer: within a few hours), we go ahead and deliver a product that comes closest to that ordered.

2.Customers Choice – The Final Decision:

Please note that all orders will be processed in a good condition as per the customer’s choice only & recipient choice in no way will be entertained for exchanging the product/s under any circumstance. All orders will be executed only after the customer confirms it & will be treated as final.

3.Non-Refund for Order Executed Perishable Items:

Perishable items viz. Cakes, Flowers, Sweets & all other perishable items, once attempted for delivery is treated as order executed and will not be eligible for refund. These items are made/procured on the order of the customer. Being perishable in nature they can’t be refunded.

4.Returnable Products:

Products once delivered may sometimes be returned – for instance when the product is damaged in transit or wrongly delivered – subject to the terms & conditions laid down in the Return Policy Statement.

5.Order Cancellation:

In every case that a customer wants to cancel an order, 10% of the order amount will be charged towards Processing & other expenses. Customers must contact the Customer Service Cell at www.tipsytopsybakers.in to cancel an order. If the product has not yet been dispatched, www.tipsytopsybakers.in, at its sole discretion, may cancel the order subject to its return policy.

6.Order Rejection:

www.tipsytopsybakers.in may at any point of time reject any order without any reason.